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"The Unsuspecting Frenchman"

Angie Timone, Photographer

My photographic journey began nearly twenty years ago while on a high school trip to Europe. I have been hooked on photography ever since. One of my favorite photos from Europe is titled “The Unsuspecting Frenchman,” taken in Paris on the River Seine, and is featured below.

I was intrigued then, and remain so to this day, by the notion of capturing the truth
of a moment in life or nature with the hope of stirring up emotion and thought.

Whether my photographs are portraits, landscapes, architectural images, or
commissioned specifically for your web site, my photographic style is informal, yet
personal. To capture moments that are spontaneous and to present photos that
portray people and places in natural situations that emerge as art – that is my

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Photograph - "The Unsuspecting Frenchman"

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